Karina Nielsen about Implementing and evaluating organizational interventions

Course leader presentation: Karina Nielsen Implementing and evaluating organizational interventions, 3-5 May 2017, Radisson Blu Saga Hotel, Reykjavík, Iceland What is your background? I am a psychologist by background and after finishing my Masters at the University of Aarhus, Denmark, I completed a PhD at the University of Nottingham, UK. I did a quick stint … Continued

Workout – take a 2,27 min break!

NIVA promotes physical exercise at the workplace. For this one you do not need any equipment. Just follow the instructions in the video – start by getting up from your chair.

The Nordic food journey

Dagfinn Høybråten The days when Nordic food was viewed as nothing but heavy, meat-based stews are long gone. Today Nordic food is associated with simplicity, sustainability, and seasonality. How did this come to be, and how can this way of thinking be used to address the challenges of nutrition, climate, and urban development? The UN … Continued

Welcome to our new team member Cecilia Weckman

Cecilia Weckman has joined the NIVA Education team as Project Manager as of 22 August 2016. A short presentation of Cecilia: Cecilia graduated from Åbo Akademi University in 2007 with a master’s degree in German language. Different languages, cultures and communication matters are a great interest of hers. Before joining NIVA Cecilia worked as Communications … Continued

Gemensam satsning från de nordiska aktörerna på SuomiAreena i Björneborg

11.07.2016 – 15.07.2016 Finland är ordförandeland för Nordiska ministerrådet i år. På SuomiAreena synliggörs det nordiska samarbetet genom temat Norden2016. Nio nordiska aktörer förenar sina krafter på SuomiAreena i Björneborg till ära av Finlands nordiska ordförandeår. På programmet står en paneldiskussion om den nordiska arbetsmarknaden och presentation av nordiskt samarbete på Medborgartorget. Dessutom kan man följa … Continued

Exercises with elastic band

NIVA promotes physical exercise at the workplace. This video features exercises which train the computer muscles and help relieve pain in neck, shoulders and arms. Flyer for exercises with elastic band

Arbetsliv och flyktingar på politiska festivaler

I år deltar Nordiska rådet och Nordiska ministerrådet återigen på de politiska festivalerna i Norden, där Poul Nielsons nya analys av den nordiska arbetsmarknaden “Arbetsliv i Norden” kommer att debatteras. Flyktingsituationen sätter naturligtvis också i hög grad sin prägel på debatterna på Folkemötet, Almedalsveckan, SuomiAreena, Arendalsveckan och Folkemötet i Reykjavik. SIK håller för första gången … Continued

Mats Rinnemo wins a free NIVA course

NIVA attended the AMM2016 (Arbets- och miljömedicinskt vårmöte – Occupational and Environmental Health meeting) in Örebro, Sweden. Among all delegates who registered for the NIVA newsletter a winner of a free course was drawn. Mats currently works as a physician at the Occupational Health Service at Gruvöns bruk, which is paper mill owned by BillerudKorsnäs AB, … Continued