Our mission

NIVA gathers top experts and knowledge from the Nordic countries and transforms research findings into advanced courses and seminars within the field of occupational health and safety for researchers and practitioners from both the Nordic countries and world-wide.

The mission of the Nordic Institute for Advanced Training in Occupational Health is set by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The acronym NIVA originates from the Swedish language title Nordiska Institutionen för Vidareutbildning inom Arbetsmiljöområdet.

Strategic focus areas

In its co-operation program, the Council of Ministers for Labor has established the strategic focus areas for formal Nordic government co-operation in the area of work life and labor market for the years 2018-2021. These include strengthening the matching between supply and demand of skilled labor and increasing participation in the labor market, especially within the most vulnerable groups. One also wants to secure a good working environment for both women and men, prevent work-related illnesses and injuries, and abolish unacceptable working conditions. Equal opportunities and mobility in the Nordic labor market are vital for labor market participation. These objectives form the basis for the strategic planning of NIVA’s operations.

Course offering

Work environment is a cross-disciplinary area where the challenges change in pace with a changing working life. Globalization, digitization and the demographic development that take place in our societies are driving factors in the changing working life we are dealing with in the coming years. During the ongoing strategy period, we will see a development of different working conditions and the organization of work in general. These trends are current and NIVA monitors the research in the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe to create a relevant course offering.

As a cross-cutting theme in our course offering, we have Research to practice. It strives, in all our activities, to identify and highlight the effects research results have in practice at our workplaces.

Special challenges in the coming years in the work environment area for the Nordic labor markets include:

• Extended working careers
• Physical workload, musculoskeletal disorders and their health effects
• The working environment’s consequences for quality, productivity and economy
• Organizational and psychosocial risks
• New technology including digitization
• Prevention of accidents and safety culture
• Chemical risks
• New forms of organization and forms of employment


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