This is NIVA

NIVA was founded in 1982 in Helsinki, Finland.  NIVA has been an active player in the field of occupational health and safety education for 40 years. During this time, over 13 000 experts and specialists from over 40 countries have attended and networked through NIVA. Today approximately 30 % of the attendees come from countries outside of the Nordics. Our courses are open to participants from all over the world.

Our mission

NIVA gathers top experts and knowledge from the Nordic countries and transforms research findings into advanced courses and seminars within the field of occupational health and safety for researchers and practitioners from both the Nordic countries and world-wide.

The mission of the Nordic Institute for Advanced Training in Occupational Health is set by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The acronym NIVA originates from the Swedish language title Nordiska Institutionen för Vidareutbildning inom Arbetsmiljöområdet.

Strategic focus

In its co-operation program, the Council of Ministers for Labor has established the strategic focus areas for formal Nordic government co-operation in the area of work life and labor market for the years 2018-2021. These include strengthening the matching between supply and demand of skilled labor and increasing participation in the labor market, especially within the most vulnerable groups. One also wants to secure a good working environment for both women and men, prevent work-related illnesses and injuries, and abolish unacceptable working conditions. Equal opportunities and mobility in the Nordic labor market are vital for labor market participation. These objectives form the basis for the strategic planning of NIVA’s operations.

Course offering

Work environment is a cross-disciplinary area where the challenges change in pace with a changing working life. Globalization, digitization and the demographic development that take place in our societies are driving factors in the changing working life we are dealing with in the coming years. During the ongoing strategy period, we will see a development of different working conditions and the organization of work in general. These trends are current and NIVA monitors the research in the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe to create a relevant course offering.

Special challenges in the coming years in the work environment for the Nordic labor markets include:

Extended working careers

Physical workload, musculoskeletal disorders and their health effects

Consequences for quality, productivity and economy

Organizational and psychosocial risks

New technology including digitization

Prevention of accidents and safety culture

Chemical risks

New forms of organization and forms of employment

Our story

NIVA was founded in 1982 in Helsinki, Finland in conjunction with the Finnish Institute for Occupational Health (FIOH). Already at the time there was a strong belief in the importance of discussing common Nordic occupational health and safety matters and in the power of gathering Nordic experts within the field.

Today, NIVA is the only institute in Europe that focuses solely on an international and advanced level of occupational education – course participants are accepted regardless of where in the world they come from.

Our philosophy

NIVA’s core values lie in promoting a good working life through research-based knowledge dissemination and knowledge formation. We strive to bridge the gap between theory and practice and make sure that our activities are of a high quality, both in terms of academic content, pedagogy and practical arrangements. We rely on our extensive network of occupational health and safety specialists throughout research institutions and organizations, primarily in the Nordic countries but also from other places in the world. We highly appreciate the participants’ knowledge and believe in the value of human meetings.

Our concept is mainly to provide an education platform, where people can meet face to face and where networking and social interaction is possible. The feedback we get from both attendees and lecturers gives us reason to carry on with this winning concept. However, digitization provides great opportunities for learning and communication. NIVA strives to integrate digitized aspects into our activities where it best supports the participants’ learning and interaction.

Our activities take place mainly in the Nordic countries, or in the northern areas of the Nordic region (with some exceptions) and in places that are easily accessible. Our courses and conferences last 2-3 days providing hard core substance information and offering excellent networking opportunities.

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