Propose a course

Who and why?

Any person/institute can submit course proposals that they see having

  • Nordic relevance
  • Relevance to working environment or conditions

Benefits from submitting a course proposal:

  • You get the training/activity that you want and have been missing
  • Funding
  • Professional organizer for your activity – all practicalities will be taken care of by NIVA
  • A possibility to build your international networks

The NIVA board, which consists of one representative from each Nordic country, selects the courses.

Course Formats

Online courses
NIVA has done online courses since 2020 with very good experiences.

The online format is an excellent opportunity to reach far beyond the Nordics. Approx. half of all participants join from Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, while the remaining participants are from the Nordics.

The online courses provide an excellent opportunity to spread your research worldwide, connect with OSH experts and practitioners across the world and discuss issues on a global scale.

On-site courses
On-site courses have great opportunities for face-to-face networking with shared meals and a social program.

On-site courses have a higher threshold for participation due to higher course price, travel costs and having to set aside more time.

On-site courses therefore usually have smaller groups of participants, mostly from the Nordics.

A webinar is a short online event of approximately 1-5 hours.

It usually consists of lecturing and some interaction with participants, but much less than that of online or on-site courses and very limited opportunities for networking.

The number of participants may be up to 100 or more.


The deadline for proposals of courses due to be organized in 2023 is 31st of January 2022.

Course Proposal Form

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  • NB! The NIVA board and/or project manager may however suggest another format, based on the overall combination of courses and topics for the year. The more flexible you are in terms of format, the more likely your event is to be accepted.
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