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  • NB! The NIVA board and/or project manager may suggest another format, based on the overall combination of courses and topics for the year. Please see below for more specific information on the different formats.
  • The on-site format

    On-site courses have great opportunities for face-to-face networking with shared meals and a social program. On-site courses have a higher threshold for participation due to higher pricing and having to set aside more time. On-site courses therefore usually have smaller groups of participants, mostly from the Nordics.

    The online format

    Online courses usually consist of a larger, more diverse group of international participants than an on-site course. It is often easier to attract participants to online courses due to lower pricing and no travel involved.

    A webinar is a short online event of approximately 1-5 hours. It usually consists of lecturing and some interaction with participants, but much less than that of on-site or online courses and very limited opportunities for networking. The number of participants may be up to 100 or more.

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