NIVA Webinar: Organizing Work to Promote Health, Well-being and Productivity

How can work be organized to promote health, well-being, productivity and efficiency? A recent literature review summarizes and describes current research on the organization of work (including organizational models) contributing to health and well-being, efficiency and productivity in work organizations. The review was carried out on behalf of Mynak, the Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise, and focuses mainly on the Swedish but also Nordic context.

In this recorded webinar, the two main authors of the literature review present their results and discuss the implications of these. The authors are professor Karolina Parding, who has a background in sociology and is currently based at the Department of Human Work Science at Luleå University of Technology, and Fredrik Sjögren, who holds a PhD in Gender and Technology and currently works as senior lecturer in Sociology and Human Work Science, also at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden.

The literature review can also be found in Swedish here and in English here.

NIVA Webinar: How to Relieve Work Stress during the Corona Crisis

The corona crisis has forced 37% of workers in the EU to work from home, with Finland reaching 60%. Organizations quickly formulated new rules, at best supplemented with ergonomic and lifestyle advice.

Lecturer Angelique de Rijk is a professor at Maastricht University in the area of Work & Health. She has a master’s degree in Work & Organisational Psychology and PhD in Health Psychology. Her research focuses on sustainable employability, burnout, labour participation of persons with chronic diseases and interventions for them and work & health policy.

Angelique de Rijk is also one of the course leaders of NIVA’s upcoming course on Work Disability Prevention in June 2021. For more information see the course webpage.

In this recorded webinar, professor Angelique de Rijk presents knowledge on the worsening of our psychosocial working conditions, and how you can improve these for yourself and – if you are a manager – your staff members. She is addressing the issue of effective leadership when working remotely, which is key to psychosocial working conditions.

NIVA Webinar:  Prolonging Working Life among Senior Workers

Due to demographic changes across Europe, there are strong political interests in maintaining the labour force by prolonging working life.

Lecturer Lars L. Andersen is a professor at the National Research Centre for the Working Environment in Denmark and part of the PEROSH project ‘Prolonging Working Life,’ a collaboration across 8 European countries aiming to determine push and stay factors for labour market participation of older workers across different European countries with different regulations and cultures.

He is also the course leader of NIVA’s upcoming three-day course on the same topic in September 2020. For more information on the course see:

In this recorded webinar Lars presents knowledge on push and stay factors for labour market participation among senior workers. He will also discusses how this knowledge can be used for practical purposes:


NIVA course on Risk-based OHS Enforcement

National Institute of Occupational Health STAMI, Oslo, Norway
30th – 31st October 2019

Lecture: The scientific evidence for the various occupational health and safety enforcement tools for improving working conditions and preventing work-related diseases
Christina Tikka, M.Sc, Research scientist, FIOH, Finland

Lecture: The scientific evidence for the effectiveness of legislative and regulatory enforcement in preventing occupational hazards and diseases
Johan Hviid Andersen, Professor, Occupational Medicine, Herning, Denmark

Lecture: Risk-based labor inspections in a Nordic context
Øyvind Dahl, PhD, Consultant, Proactima AS, Norway