WEBINAR: Working in an unpredictable world

The Nordic perspective on safe and healthy work in the future

18th of September 2021
Online webinar

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About the webinar

This event presents research and practical solutions from Nordic, European and Global OSH stakeholders to achieve a safe and healthy future of work – with high level policy decision makers from ILO, EU Commission, Canada, Safe Work Australia and the Nordic countries. There is also a special focus on the labour inspectorates with regards to OSH.

The extraordinary changes during the last 18 months have catapulted the world of work into the future. Atypical work has increased, work from home and work outside the office/workplace has further increased exponentially, digitalization of work tasks is increasing. These changes have major impacts on employment and working conditions, on the borders between work and leisure and on the rights of working women and men.

Several studies have endeavoured to foresee the impact of on-going and future changes, some have aimed to identify actions by OSH experts to steer these changes into channels that give positive improvements for working people. High level decision makers are invited to draw evidence-based conclusions on foreseeable actions from their organizations to ensure safe and healthy work in atypical work, platform-based work and the work in the digital era. The high-level digital event will take place on the eve of the XXII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work. The event will be open for all Congress participants and other OSH experts world-wide.

About the report

How can labour inspectorates cope with dynamic changes in the future of work? What kind of occupational safety and health challenges do new forms of work and working-life bring along?

To better understand and respond effectively to new challenges and constant changes, the Director Generals of the Nordic Labour Inspectorates initiated the Nordic Future of Work group in 2016.

The report addresses how drivers, such as globalization, digitalization, demographics and environmental and climate change, will create new OSH challenges in the future. It also provides practical recommendations for labour inspectorates to better prepare for these changes in collaboration with social partners and other relevant stakeholders.


International Labour Organization, Labour Inspectorates from the Nordic countries and NIVA Education.

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