Course proposals for 2023

It is now time to submit your proposals for courses organized in 2023. Any person/institute can submit course proposals that they see having a Nordic relevance or a relevance to working environment or conditions. The benefits from submitting a course proposal are various. You get the training/activity that you want and have been missing, you … Continued

“To establish a sustainable working environment, we need a better understanding of what factors at the workplace that are associated with pain”

Course leader presentation: Dagfinn Matre and Johannes Gjerstad Online Course: Work and Pain14th – 16th of September 2021 What is your background? Dagfinn Matre has a PhD in biomedical engineering from Aalborg University, Denmark. His main interests are human experimental pain models, and currently the association between sleep and pain, which is particularly relevant for … Continued

Work in the Age of Intelligent Automation – Remarks on the Current Automation Debate

by Tuomo Alasoini, Research Professor, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health Article related to the NIVA course on Transformation of Work in the Digital Era 26th – 28th of October 2020 at Hanaholmen, Helsinki area, Finland 1 Introduction The relationship between the development of technology and the evolution of work is a matter that fascinates people’s minds. … Continued

“It is paramount that researchers and practitioners work together”

Course leader presentation: Eva Gemzøe Mikkelsen Bullying and Harassment at Work, 5th – 7th of November 2019, Copenhagen Island, Copenhagen, Denmark Presentation of Eva Gemzøe Mikkelsen, Associate professor in work- and organizational psychology, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark I work as Associate Professor in Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense, … Continued

“Physical exercise and staying in good physical shape is becoming even more important nowadays”

Course leader presentation: Lars L. Andersen Physical Exercise at the Workplace – from research to practice, 10th – 12th of September 2019, Hanaholmen, Helsinki area, Finland Presentation of Lars L. Andersen, Professor, National Research Centre for the Working Environment; Adjunct Professor, Aalborg University, Denmark My background is in human physiology (University of Copenhagen) and I … Continued

“It is significant that managers incorporate OHS as a natural part of modern business management”

Course leader presentation: Christina Lunner Kolstrup Occupational Health and Safety in Agriculture and Horticulture, 24th – 26th of September 2019, Quality Hotel View, Malmö, Sweden Presentation of Christina Lunner Kolstrup, Associate Professor, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Sweden I have my base as an agronomist with specialization within animal husbandry. Though 19 years ago, … Continued

Midler til nordiske projekter i 2020 fra nordisk arbejdsmiljøudvalg

Nordisk arbejdsmiljøudvalg har til opgave at bidrage til gennemførelsen af samarbejdsprogrammet på arbejdslivsområdet 2018-2021 i Nordisk Ministerråd. Arbejdsmiljøutvalget bevilger projektmidler til nordiske projekter for år 2020. Støtte-kategori Ansøgning om støtte Deadline fre, 16/08/2019 – 12:00 Relateret organisation Arbejdsmiljøudvalget Nordisk Ministerråd for Arbejdsliv (MR-A) Nordisk Ministerråd Økonomisk ramme 2,3 mill. DKK til fordeling Lande Åland Islands … Continued