“Leadership is one of the key conditions to accomplish changes for more health-promotive work”

Course leader presentation: Lotta Dellve

Health Promoting and Sustainable Leadership, 15th – 17th of November 2022, Clarion Hotel Sign, Stockholm, Sweden

Lotta Dellve, we have the pleasure to have you for the third time as one of the course leaderers for our upcoming course on Health Promoting and Sustainable Leadership. Could you tell a little bit about yourself for our new course participants?

I have been concerned about health promotive aspects for a long time and from different perspectives: in my early profession; in my first thesis in public health; my second thesis in occupational health and in the continuous research work that have had a very close collaboration with practice. We have focused on different aspects of health promotive and sustainable leadership at macro-, meso-, micro- and individual levels. To make the knowledge available and used in practice, numbers of study materials have been developed during the years.

Today, I’m a full-time professor of work science at Gothenburg University. I also hold a professorship in ergonomics at KTH.

This is the third time we are organzing a course on this very important topic. Why do you think Health Promoting and Sustainable Leadership is especially current to discuss in 2022?

Sustainability in society is of utmost importance and developed conditions for social sustainability (with decent, safe work) goes hand in hand with sustainable production (SDG8). Today we have knowledge of the most important factors and conditions for improving workers’ health and well-being, and the evidence-based knowledge is rather robust. Still, there is much to do regarding these issues for a more sustainable working-life today.

Leadership is one of the key conditions to accomplish changes for more health-promotive work. The challenges are how to handle, lead and organize work based on this knowledge and in a health promotive, sustainable, inclusive and conclusive manner. Managers need to handle interactions of multi-component factors and conditions across different organizational levels because the needs and conditions may have different grounds and perspectives. Different approaches and kinds of leadership have been found more successful in this than others. Still, the success is related to context and supportive conditions for managers. We will bring new fields of knowledge in these areas – and reflect upon some old – and give examples of how such support can be arranged.

What do you want to say to the participants of the course?

You will broaden and deepen your knowledge of health promotive and sustainable leadership, also during change, and at different organisational levels. The course will also provide knowledge of organisational conditions, programs and interventions to support managers in these issues and how health promotive leadership developments can be arranged.

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