“Electricity is crucial in all aspects of modern society but also dangerous”

Course leader presentation: Bo Veiersted and Lars Ole Goffeng Electrical Injury: Prevention, exposure, pathology, clinical aspects, treatment and follow-up 14th – 16th of June 2022STAMI – The National Institute of Occupational Health, Oslo, Norway What is your background? We have been working with health effects from, and prevention of, electrical accidents since the beginning of the … Continued

“It’s important to include nanoparticles in risk assessments and to control the risks”

Course leader presentation: Anna-Kaisa Viitanen Nanoparticles at Workplaces: Hazards, exposure and control26th – 28th of October 2021Online course What is your background? I have a background in aerosol physics, and in my doctoral thesis I studied the atmospheric gas phase compounds and the interface of gases and nanoparticles. After the thesis, I specialized in engineered and process related nanoparticles, exposure assessment and risk control methods, and worked … Continued

Limiting nano exposure at the workplace

Technical control of nanoparticle emissions from desktop 3D printing by Anna-Kaisa Viitanen, Kimmo Kallonen, Kirsi Kukko, Tomi Kanerva, Erkka Saukko, Tareq Hussein, Kaarle Hämeri and Arto Säämänen Article related to the NIVA online coure on Nanoparticles at Workplaces, 26th – 28th of October 2021 Abstract Material extrusion (ME) desktop 3D printing is known to strongly … Continued

The physical activity paradox in cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality

The physical activity paradox in cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality: the contemporary Copenhagen General Population Study with 104 046 adults by Andreas Holtermann, Peter Schnohr, Børge Grønne Nordestgaard and Jacob Louis Marott Article related to the NIVA online webinar and on-site workshop on The Physical Activity Health Paradox, 6th – 9th of September 2021 Abstract Aims Leisure time … Continued

“Political reforms to prolong working life may not align with individuals’ intentions for retirement”

Course leader presentation: Lars L. Andersen Prolonging Working Life among Senior Workers 15th – 17th of September 2020, Voksenåsen, Oslo, Norway What is your background? My background is in human physiology (University of Copenhagen) and I work as Professor at the National Research Centre for the Working Environment in Copenhagen, Denmark. My current research on … Continued