“It is crucial for researchers and practitioners to collaborate, both within and outside national borders”

Introducing the course Retaining and Reintegrating Workers with Cancer with course leaders Sietske Tamminga & Michiel Greidanus

Sietske Tamminga started as a PhD-student in 2008 and was one of the first researchers that studied the return to work of cancer survivors in the Netherlands. Her curiosity and broad interests led her to become a researcher and today, she is proudly one of the many researchers that study within the topic of retaining and reintegrating workers with cancer. To put it mildly, the topic cancer and work was not always respected among oncologists and other medical specialists, but over the years she has seen a shift in this perspective.

Michiel Greidanus, also a researcher in the field, believes that the topic of the course is particularly relevant now. More and more people are surviving cancer due to improvement in treatment. Michiel, Sietske and other researchers from Amsterdam UMC and abroad strive to improve the successful return-to-work of cancer survivors. This includes developing interventions and guidelines tailored for individuals with cancer, as well as for employers and healthcare professionals.

Course objectives

Doing research and changing practice requires time and persistence. It is crucial for researchers and practitioners to collaborate, both within and outside national borders. This course can be important in this regard. The course will bring together researchers and practitioners working within the field of cancer and work and will increase participants’ transdisciplinary knowledge, skills and attitudes with regard to supporting cancer survivors to stay in and/or return to work. Additionally, the course will increase cooperation between different experts and will help participants building a professional network on the topic of cancer and work. Bringing researchers and practitioners from all over the world together to learn from each other can be an important step.

The course is specially developed to bring research and practice together and to bridge the gap between both perspectives

Having the opportunity to attend a three-day onsite course with colleagues from all over the world really is an experience. Michiel have attended a NIVA course in the past. Despite the years that have passed since then, he still maintain a strong connection with many of his fellow participants. It gave him a more international perspective on the field of work and opened doors for international collaborations.

Beyond the engaging speakers and workshops on cancer and work, we hope that this course can offer a similar experience for participants – one that proves beneficial in various aspects over the long term. Welcome!

Course: 14–16.5.2024. Quality Hotel View, Malmö, Sweden
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