Nordic values ​​can make a world of difference

Dagfinn Høybråten Over the course of many years, the Nordic countries have established a tradition of summer public meetings where people across political affiliations and with different views come together for a few days to take part in discussions and debates. These take place in Arendal, Bornholm in Denmark, in Almedalen, Gotland in Sweden, in … Continued

Why Nordic Matters!

Dagfinn Høybråten Today marks the launch of Nordic Matters, the largest festival of Nordic art and culture ever in the United Kingdom. The venue – the Southbank Centre in London – is one of the biggest cultural institutions in England, attracting more than 26 million visitors last year. Throughout 2017, British audiences will find out … Continued

The Swan flies on

Dagfinn Høybråten In the mid-1980s, Kyösti Varis (FI) was commissioned to design a logo for the Nordic Council. He proposed the swan – a proud, free and beautiful bird – as a symbol of Nordic co-operation. His idea was accepted, and the flying swan has been the symbol of both the Nordic Council and the … Continued

The Nordic food journey

Dagfinn Høybråten The days when Nordic food was viewed as nothing but heavy, meat-based stews are long gone. Today Nordic food is associated with simplicity, sustainability, and seasonality. How did this come to be, and how can this way of thinking be used to address the challenges of nutrition, climate, and urban development? The UN … Continued

Norden högst upp i ett välfungerande Europa

June 2016 – Dagfinn Høybråten   I närheten av mitt kontor på Nordiska ministerrådets sekretariat i Köpenhamn ligger Café Norden och Café Europa. Vilket av kaféerna som kom först vet jag inte, men att de gör Amagertorv till ett livfullt och trivsamt torg råder det inga tvivel om.Det ser man när man går förbi på … Continued

The Nordic Council of Ministers in an increasingly globalised world

Blog post 12/2015 – Dagfinn Høybråten   Ours is an increasingly global existence. This is true in a growing number of contexts, including Nordic co-operation. For better or worse, these words sum up 2015 for the Nordic Council of Ministers. The year started with some negative news regarding Nordic co-operation with Russia after the Russian … Continued

Bærekraft er veien vi går

The Secretary General’s blog Blogginnlegg 03/02/2015 Et bærekraftig samfunn er ikke et fjernt mål som vår etterslekt kanskje når. Bærekraft må bli veien vi går. Dersom vi ikke bremser den negative utviklingen verden er inne i, vil vi om 15 år ha behov for to planeter for å dekke vårt ressursbehov. Det sier seg … Continued