The Nordic food journey

Dagfinn Høybråten The days when Nordic food was viewed as nothing but heavy, meat-based stews are long gone. Today Nordic food is associated with simplicity, sustainability, and seasonality. How did this come to be, and how can this way of thinking be used to address the challenges of nutrition, climate, and urban development? The UN … Continued

NIVA at Workplace Welfare and EuroSafety 2016 trade fair in Tampere

NIVA is participating in the trade fair Workplace Welfare 2016 which is organized together with EuroSafety 2016 in Tampere 13–15th of September. Come and meet us at our stand A1025! Occupational health and safety Workplace Welfare and EuroSafety 2016 topics and product groups include occupational health and safety, labour protection, well-being at work, first aid, environmental … Continued