Strategic Management of well-being at work

Did you know that just in Finland, 25 billion euro is lost every year due to lost work ability. That´s a big sum. Even though companies invest 1,8 billion euros every year in employee well-being, it doesn’t seem to be enough.By managing it properly, personnel well-being is both possible and highly economically feasible. By promoting strategic … Continued

Työterveyshuollon virtuaaliyliopiston blogi

NIVA:n kurssi e-health@work on käynnissä kauniissa Oslon läheisyydessä sijaitsevassa Soria Moria konferenssikeskuksessa. Olemme keskustelleet aivojen ja teknologian yhteispelistä, henkilökohtaisista terveyttä edistävistä teknologioista ja mielen ja teknologian yhteisvaikutuksessa. Lue lisää.

Making social media and blogging work for occupational health scientists.

Blog post by Charlotte Wåhlin. Link to blog post Recent debate has emphasized scientists’ responsibility to communicate their results to the public. This is especially relevant in our field of occupational health and safety research, as these findings can be put into everyday use. But what can we scientists do to make this really happen? … Continued