Conference on Occupational Health and Safety in Formal and Informal Mining

As we speak the ICOH scientific committee MinOSH together with NIVA (the Nordic Institute for Advanced Training in Occupational Health) are organizing an International Scientific Conference and Workshop on Occupational Health and Safety in Formal and Informal Mining. The conference and workshop are taking place in Odense, Denmark, 22-25 August 2017.

The scientific program cover major topics of interest related to current research and solution implementation in occupational health and safety (OHS) in mining. The conference aims to promote the dissemination of findings from local and global research.

The conference and workshop focus on health and safety issues, the work environment, and sustainable alternatives for reducing mining-related health effects and environmental pollution. The program encompass presentations during the conference and special training on selected topics during the workshop.

We have about 120 delegates representing, among others, academia, occupational and environmental health clinics, mining companies and national and international authorities. And about half of them are coming from different low- and middle-income countries worldwide, which we are very pleased about.

The event is co-sponsored by three other ICOH scientific committees: SC Small-Scale Enterprises and the Informal Sector (SCOHSSEIS), SC Industrial Hygiene (SCIH) and SC Occupational Health and Development (SCOHDev), as well as by a series of international organizations seeking for better working conditions, safety and health for, among others, mining workers.