Ministers discuss young people’s mental health and wellbeing

The Icelandic Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers has held the first-ever informal meeting of ministers responsible for children and young people. The focus was on wellbeing, rights and digitalisation. The ministers agreed to continue sharing information about the challenges faced as well as potential solutions that would benefit children and young people throughout the Nordic Region.

New youth format for Nordic Talks at COP28

This year, Nordic youth delegates will take charge of Nordic Talks at COP28. Over six events that will be broadcast live from the Nordic Pavilion, the delegates will invite guests to join them on stage for a personal conversation about some of the most pressing issues of our time.

COP28: Gathering Nordic and global experts to put food and health on the agenda

Food is an important part of our everyday lives, but the food we consume is also connected to our health and the climate. At COP28, Finland, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Nordic Council of Ministers are bringing together global leaders at an official side-event to discuss the connections between food, health and the climate.

COP28: The Programme is live

With more than 70 events, the Nordic Pavilion will be covering a wide range of topics on climate change and climate solutions. With the first global stocktake since the signing of the Paris Agreement as the backdrop, the Nordic Pavilion will be putting special emphasis on the region’s journey towards becoming climate neutral and presenting a vision for a stronger, better, and more inclusive society.

Nordic climate ministers sign declaration on COP28

On Thursday, the countries of the world gather for the COP28 climate summit in Dubai. The message from the Nordic climate ministers ahead of the international negotiations is clear: We must pick up the pace.

Artist Jessie Kleemann at Nordic pavilion during UN climate summit COP28

Artist Jessie Kleemann will be at the Nordic pavilion during the UN climate summit, COP28, in Dubai. Jessie, who has just concluded her critically acclaimed solo exhibition at the National Gallery of Denmark will be screening her video work ‘Arkhticós Dolorôs’ (Artic Pain) and participate in the panel discussion on the role of art in the green transition.

What was decided at the 2023 Session of the Nordic Council

At the 2023 Session of the Nordic Council in Oslo, the Nordic Council adopted 23 new recommendations for the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic governments. Here are some of the decisions that were passed when all 87 parliamentarians of the Nordic Council met in plenary.