Iceland and the Nordic Region as a force for peace

The Nordic Ministers for Co-operation (MR-SAM) met in the Nordic House in Copenhagen today. The main point on the agenda for the meeting was the programme for the Icelandic Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2023, which focuses on peace and Vision 2030.

Public consultation: Sustainability aspects of Nordic Nutrition Recommendations

The sustainability edition of the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations will be launched in June 2023. Throughout the working process for the final report, transparency and collaboration have been key, with public consultations for each chapter. The NNR Committee now welcomes all relevant input on the three remaining draft background papers on the sustainability aspects that are being developed within the project.

New security situation on agenda when Nordic Council meets

Does the Nordic Council need to change in response to the new security situation? Do the Nordic countries need joint guidelines for foreign and security policy? How do we guarantee food supplies in times of crisis? These are some of the topics the Nordic Council will discuss in Stockholm this week.

Icelandic presidency focused on peace

With peace as the focal point and Vision 2030 as the underlying foundation, the Icelandic presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers serves as a strong starting point for 2023.

Healthy and sustainability diets: Latest updates on Nordic Nutrition Recommendations

The new edition of the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR) will describe how to eat both healthy and sustainable. They are a leading example of regional co-operation on guidelines for dietary composition and recommended intakes of nutrients. In June 2023, the new sustainability edition of the NNR will be published. We met with project leader, Professor Rune Blomhoff to get the latest updates on the process.