More energy co-operation – not less

The good aspects can be improved. Nordic energy co-operation is unique in the world and has a 100-year history. The region is often held up as a role model but the current energy crisis has shown that we are vulnerable, too. We need to work more closely and better together, according to a new report presented at the Nordic Council Theme Session in Reykjavík.

President of Iceland to address the Nordic Council Theme Session

The President of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, will take part in the Nordic Council Theme Session in Reykjavík on 15 March. His address to the assembled parliamentarians will kick off a plenary debate on a new action plan for Nordic co-operation 2025–2030.

Nordic support for green recovery in Ukraine

The Nordic Green Bank is currently supporting more than 20 projects on the ground to improve living conditions for the people of Ukraine. “The Nordic countries have both the know-how and ability to support Ukraine in building back greener and better,” says Trond Moe, Managing Director of Nefco.

The Nordic Region at CSW: How we’re stopping digital violence against women

According to a UN study, digital violence affects one in three women in the world. The Nordic Region is no exception, but the difference is that the Nordic countries are reacting more and more quickly by way of political countermeasures. At this year’s UN gender equality summit, CSW67, the Nordic ministers for gender equality and experts are discussing how society can stand up for gender equality online.

Nordic consumption must change if SDGs are to be achieved

That was the conclusion of Danish Sustainability Week in Copenhagen, where the Nordic Council of Ministers hosted three debates. Although the Nordic countries have come the furthest in the world in terms of achieving the SDGs, things are worse when it comes to the four green SDGs, both in the Nordics and worldwide. Nordic consumption has a huge environmental and climate footprint in other parts of the world. The Nordic Council of Ministers is working to turn this around and make the Nordic Region the most sustainable region in the world.

Women in war, one-year anniversary

It’s been a year since the war in Ukraine started. To mark the occasion the Nordic Council of Ministers is giving a voice to ordinary women who live in the Nordic and Baltic countries, but who come from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. What they have in common is that they’re all affected by the war and, in their own way, they’re trying to bring about peace.