New criteria document from the Nordic Expert Group

Occupational chemical exposures and cardiovascular disease

Article related to the NIVA course on Chemical Exposure and Cardiovascular Disease, 27th – 29th of April 2021 at Soria Moria Hotel, Oslo, Norway

The main task of the Nordic Expert Group for Criteria Documentation of Health Risks from Chemicals (NEG) is to produce criteria documents to be used by the regulatory authorities as the scientific basis for setting occupational exposure limits for chemical substances.

This criteria document reviews and evaluates the scientific literature on the association between occupational chemical exposures and cardiovascular disease (CVD), with emphasis on epidemiological data.

Occupational air pollutant exposures are often mixtures of many different chemicals, e.g. welding fumes and farming dust, which complicates exposure-effect analyses. Even individuals with their main occupational exposure restricted to one chemical (e.g. tetrachloroethylene in dry cleaning) may have a complex lifetime history of occupational exposures. CVD includes several diseases, the main categories being heart and cerebrovascular diseases (CeVD), respectively.

The document written by Bengt Sjögren, Carolina Bigert and Per Gustavsson has been published in the scientific serial Arbete och Hälsa by the University of Gothenburg.

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