Peter Hasle on the concept of lean

Course leader presentation: Peter Hasle

Lean and the Work Environment, 3rd – 6th of April 2017, Hotel Copenhagen Island, Copenhagen, Denmark

What is your background? A short presentation of yourself.

Peter Hasle, professor at the Center for Industrial Production, Department of Business and Management, Aalborg University Copenhagen. Former positions include a professorship at the National Research Centre for the Working Environment and positions at the Technical University of Denmark, an independent research institute, the International Labour Organization and the occupational health service. Extensive publications in international journals, books and book chapters. Keynote speaker at several international conferences. Research interest in integration of the work environment in management and operation, organisational social capital, organization of work environment programmes, and small enterprises. Peter Hasle has the last years taken a special interest in development of economic and healthy production processes combining elements from lean thinking and economic and social sustainability.

Why do think that lean is an important and current issue to discuss in 2017? What is new since the last course in 2014?

Lean has proven to be one of the few management concepts which maintain a long lasting interest in both private and public organisations. It is a two-sided concept which on one hand can be a powerful tool for traditional rationalisation especially in manual assembly work with detrimental effects for workers. It can on the other hand work as similarly strong tool for worker involvement in development of their own work. Since 2014 we have now a greater knowledge about how to use lean and in greater context socio-technical design to develop workplaces which are both economical and socially viable.

Your greetings to the participants of the course:

Dear participants, I am looking forward to be together with you for four days where we can explore the lean concept and its consequences for workers in details, and  in particular to discuss both my own and yours research.

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