Lean and the Work Environment

3rd – 6th of April 2017
Hotel Copenhagen Island, Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Researchers and PhD-students working with lean, sustainable production, organizational development, operations management, innovation, human resource management, working environment
  • Academic practitioners working with lean and the working environment

The course can be approved as a Phd-course with 3,5 ETCS (for more information kindly contact Project Manager Linda Vänskä, linda.vanska@niva.org)

About this course

The course will consist of a mix of lectures and discussions on the role of lean, the work environment and sustainable production processes in practical lean implementation or the participant’s research projects. Basic lean literature will be distributed to participants before the course. The participants will also be asked to prepare a brief introduction of their research project or lean implementation activities.

The course can be approved as a Phd-course with 3,5 ETCS at Aalborg University.

This course has also been accepted as a theoretical course (10 hours) demanded in the medical specialist education in the training programs of occupational health services at the University of Helsinki in Finland. The acceptance is valid for the specialist training programs at the Faculty of Medicine of all Finnish universities.

For more information kindly contact Project Manager Linda Vänskä, linda.vanska@niva.org.

Price information

The price of the course consists of the course fee of EUR 500
and the day package of choice.

Day package I

This package includes:

  • conference facilities and technical equipment
  • course material
  • coffees, lunches
  • dinners and the social program on Tuesday.

We strongly encourage you to take part in the social program, as this is a vital part of the NIVA course experience. We believe in the power of networking (between people) and strive to create an inspiring possibility for that through the social program.

The total price of the course is EUR 950 (course fee EUR 500 + day package fee EUR 450).

EUR 450

Day package II

This package includes:

  • conference facilities and technical equipment
  • course material
  • coffees and lunches.

Kindly note that the day package II does not include dinners nor the social program.

The total price of the course is EUR 700 (course fee EUR 500 + day package fee EUR 200).

EUR 200


26th – 28th of October 2020 at Hotel Hanaholmen, Espoo, Finland.

To book a room from the block kindly make the reservation directly to the hotel by email to reception@hanaholmen.fi using the booking code “NIVA” (available until 2.10.2020).

Single The room price for a single standard room is EUR 115/night (including breakfast, morning sauna and access to the pool) and the price for a double room EUR 134/night (including breakfast, morning sauna and access to the pool). room: 128 €/night (including breakfast).

The block reservation will be available until 2nd of October 2020.

EUR 115 – 134 / night

Course objectives

  • To understand the concept of sustainable production processes
  • To understand the lean concept and the advantages and disadvantages of lean
  • To understand how lean can be used in the development of sustainable production processes
  • To able to relate lean and sustainable production processes to one’s own research projects

General course fee information

The courses and workshops vary in price. Please note that the course fee does not cover meals or accommodation. The course fee and day-package fee are invoiced after the registration deadline. Travel arrangements Please refrain from booking any tickets until we have confirmed the course. The confirmation, which will be sent after the registration deadline, will include detailed information on the payment of the course fee and day-packages, as well as information on accommodation options and practical arrangements. Please note that you are not insured by NIVA.

Subject background

It is difficult to develop production processes that at the same time are socially, healthy and economically viable in the long run. When achieved, such production processes can be called ‘sustainable’ – sustainable in the sense that products or services are competitive and socially accepted and employees are innovative and work in a healthy environment where they can continue also when they get of age. Although contested, the application of lean may open possibilities for the practical development of sustainable processes with a healthy work environment. Lean is widely applied in manufacturing industry and getting a growing importance in private and public services. Although the concept is well developed, the practical implementation is difficult for many organizations, and lean has a somewhat tainted reputation among international researcher and employees as a cause of increased stress and work intensity. However, it is a strong tool for getting insight into core activities and for subsequent process improvements. Implemented in the right way under the right conditions, lean may thereby function as a tool for developing sustainable production processes.

Course leader

Peter Hasle

Peter Hasle

Course lecturers

Anders Paarup Nielsen

Lotta Dellve

Lotta Dellve

  • Professor in Work Science, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Ole Henning Sørensen

Ole H Sørensen

  • Chief consultant, National Research Centre for the Working Environment, DK

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