“Leading diverse and inclusive workplaces is not just important but imperative for organizational success and societal progress”

In this course leader interview, we asked Associate Professor and course leader Minna Paunova about her journey in the field of leadership and diversity. Additionally, she shared insights about the upcoming online course “Leading Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces.” Background and interest in the field I am an international academic and consultant whose tapestry of experiences, over the last … Continued

“Sleep is greatly undervalued but of vital importance for wellbeing and health”

In April it´s time for the course Associations Between Work Environment, Sleep, Health, and Safety. We asked professors and course leaders Dagfinn Matre and Bjørn Bjorvatn about their research careers and interests in the course subject. Dagfinn Matre holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Aalborg University, Denmark, and has experience in occupational health research … Continued

“It is crucial for researchers and practitioners to collaborate, both within and outside national borders”

Introducing the course Retaining and Reintegrating Workers with Cancer with course leaders Sietske Tamminga & Michiel Greidanus Sietske Tamminga started as a PhD-student in 2008 and was one of the first researchers that studied the return to work of cancer survivors in the Netherlands. Her curiosity and broad interests led her to become a researcher … Continued