Assessing and improving OHC in SMEs – current research and an example of tools

Good occupational health cooperation (OHC) practices of work-ability promotion in SEs

Assessing and improving OHC in SMEs – current research and an example of tools

Research related to the NIVA course on Good Occupational Health Cooperation in Small Enterprises, 21st – 22nd of May 2019, Hotel Clarion, Helsinki, Finland


1. PowerPoint presentation on Occupational Health Cooperation between Small Enterprises and Occupational Health Services

by Kristina Rajala, MSc (Health Care), PhD student, senior specialist


2. Self assessment – a tool for improving health and occupational health services for entrepreneurs

by Susanna Visuri,, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Turku, Finland

In Finland, occupational health service (OHS) covers most of the employees working in medium-sized and large enterprises. Entrepreneurs and employees working in micro enterprises (SE) are more often outside of it.  Many entrepreneurs are not paying attention to their own health and well-being. They do not know OHS and its’ benefits. Costs of OHS are seen as too high. On the other hand, OHS itself is seeing the workload of SE services as too high compared with the money these are willing to pay. Limited resources of OHS prevent the service providers offer entrepreneurs and SEs their services.

A self-assessment tool of work and health was developed to increase the awareness of entrepreneurs and SEs about healthy work environment and lifestyle and to activate them to do improvements either by themselves or with the support of OHS. OHS can use the tool for identifying individual needs for health check-ups and workplace surveys. The form is available in in Finnish, Swedish and English at the FIOH’s website. Links to the tools: (English) (Swedish) (Finnish)


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