“Leadership is one of the key conditions for more health promoting work”


Course leader presentation: Lotta Dellve

Health Promoting and Sustainable Leadership, 9th – 11th of October 2018, Näringslivets Hus, Stockholm, Sweden

Lotta Dellve, Professor in Work Science, Dpt Sociology and Work Science, University of Gothenburg
I have been concerned about health promoting aspects for a long time and from different perspectives: in my earlier profession as a nurse; in my first thesis focusing on family caregivers (MScPH); in my second focusing on the health of employees (PhD in occupational medicine) and in my continuous research work which has focused on aspects of health promoting and sustainable leadership at macro-, meso-, micro- and individual levels.
I’m a professor of work science at the University of Gothenburg. I also hold a professorship in caring science/leadership and organizing health care at Borås University and in ergonomics at KTH.

On the course topic
Today we have knowledge of the most important factors and conditions for improving workers’ health and well-being, and the evidence-based knowledge is rather robust. Leadership is one of the key conditions for more health promoting work. This was also recently acknowledged by regulations in the Swedish Work Environment Authority (2015: 16). The challenges are how to handle, lead and organize work based on this knowledge and in a health promoting and sustainable manner. Managers need to handle interactions of multi-component factors and conditions across different organizational levels for sustainable, health-promoting development. Different approaches have been found more successful in this than others – but is related to context and developments. Support to managers and the right organizational preconditions are needed. We will give examples of how such support can be arranged.

On this years course
You will broaden and deepen your knowledge of health promoting and sustainable leadership, also during change, at different organisational levels. The course will also provide knowledge of interventions to support managers in these issues and how health promoting leadership developments can be arranged.

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Course Leader Presentation