The use of virtual reality for safety and training

Digitalization in occupational health care and how occupational healthcare supports the change in working life

The use of virtual reality for safety and training

Abstract for a workshop session during the NIVA course on eHealth Revolution and Changing Work, 18th – 20th of September 2018, Hanaholmen – the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre, Espoo, Finland

Kristian Lukander, Research Engineer, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Virtual reality (VR) environments are experiencing a renaissance with the recent advent of a number of consumer devices delivering immersive virtual experiences for games and entertainment. VR also has considerable potential in the workplace, especially in remote operating, training and education.

This session will demonstrate recent developments in using VR at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health: a virtual safety park designed for safety training at construction sites, 3D volumetric videos for ergonomic training, and using 360 videos for performing safety evaluations. The participants will get first-hand experience on these environments, and the session will reflect on adapting and developing VR environments toward specific needs defined in the workshop.

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