Health promoting and sustainable leadership

The course focuses on the multi-component factors and conditions of importance for a sustainable leadership, from a system perspective (individual – group – work-place – organization – society). In these aspects, the course focuses especially on contemporary challenges such as creating attractive, inclusive and innovative work places. The course also apply a practice and handling perspective of managerial work to support application in practice.

Course objectives

The purpose of the course is to provide the participants with clear insights of current empirical evidence of health promoting leadership and how it can be supported from system perspectives. The participants will gain a understanding of the theoretical background concepts and their practical application in form of concrete tools to be applied at various work contexts.

Target group

  • Researchers
  • HR managers
  • Occupational health practitioners
  • PhD and university students

Course outline

Lectures in all listed topics followed by multidisciplinary discussions in plenum and small mixed groups.

Main topics

  • Health promotion: concepts and theory
  • Leadership approaches of importance for workers well-being, work engagement and creating an attractive work-place
  • Leaders’ own sustainability: approaches and organizational preconditions
  • Promoting a good working environment: decrease risks and strengthen resources
  • Change management and working with sustainable organizational developments
  • Strengthen social capital, team-work and creativity in work-groups
  • Building organisational capacity for health promoting working conditions
  • Applications of health promoting leadership in the Nordic countries
  • Interventions for health-promoting leadership

Registration deadline

April 27th 2020



The price of the course consists of two parts:

1) The course fee of EUR 500 and

2) One of the following:

  • The day package I fee of EUR 380
  • The day package II fee of EUR 165
  • Day package

    Day package I

    The day package I price is 380 EUR/person. This price includes conference facilities and technical equipment, coffees, lunches, dinners and the social program.

    The total price of the course is EUR 880 (course fee EUR 500 + day package fee EUR 380).

    We strongly encourage you to take part in the social program, as this is a vital part of the NIVA course experience. We believe in the power of networking (between people) and strive to create an inspiring possibility for that through the social program.

    Day package II

    The day package II price is 165 EUR/person. This price includes conference facilities and technical equipment, coffees and lunches.

    The total price of the course is EUR 665 (course fee EUR 500 + day package fee EUR 165).

    Kindly note that the day package II does not include dinners nor the social program.

  • Accommodation

    Moe information about the accommodation options will be available shortly.

  • Payment info

    Cancellations received by April, 27th 2020: full refund
    Cancellations received after April, 27th 2020: no refund

    The total price of the course will be invoiced after the registration deadline.

    The price is subject to minor changes.

Contact person

Course Leaders
Lotta Dellve
Professor in Work Science
Dpt Sociology and Work Science, University of Gothenburg

In practical matters, please contact:

Project Manager
Linda Oksanen
mobile: +358 40 5463 277

Course venue

Le Foyer Européen, Luxembourg, Luxemburg


Leadership of high quality is considered a key conditions for organizing more attractive work with beneficial working conditions promoting employees health and work engagement. Qualities in leadership and approaches to meet employees and work with improvements have impact also on sustainable developments in general. This is also acknowledged by authorities,…

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Course Leader

Lotta Dellve

General information

Course fee and payment The courses and workshops vary in price. Please note that the course fee does not cover meals or accommodation. The course fee and day-package fee are invoiced after the registration deadline. Travel arrangements Please refrain from booking any tickets until we have confirmed the course. The confirmation, which will be sent after the registration deadline, will include detailed information on the payment of the course fee and day-packages, as well as information on accommodation options and practical arrangements. Please note that you are not insured by NIVA. Accommodation For more information about accommodation options, please see the…

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