Christian Ståhl on work disability preventions

Christian Ståhl: "Work disability continues to be a costly and socially important problem"

Course leader presentation: Christian Ståhl

Work Disability Prevention (Year 2), 12th – 16th of June 2017, Uppsala, Sweden

1. What is your background? A short presentation of yourself.

Trained as a sociologist, I have been doing research on social insurance and return to work issues over the last ten years. More specifically, my research has focused on stakeholder cooperation in the complex processes of rehabilitation. I am an associate professor of Work and Rehabilitation at Linköping University and a research leader at the HELIX Competence Centre, where the research focuses on sustainable development in organizations.

2. Why do you think that work disability prevention is an important and current issue to discuss in 2017?

Work disability continues to be a costly and socially important problem, which calls for research on how to improve the ways workplaces, social insurance and health care systems can prevent and manage sick leave. Work disability is a complex problem that needs to be targeted at the individual, organizational and societal level.

3. Your greetings to the participants of the course.

I hope to see you in Uppsala in June!

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