“It’s essential that we do everything we can at a societal level to protect and promote mental health”

With a background rooted in public health science and expertise in epidemiology, Ida E.H. Madsen is dedicated to enhancing workplace mental health. As we look forward to the course ‘Workplace Mental Health’ in Copenhagen in October, we dove into her career, research pursuits and the path toward creating mentally healthy work environments. Background and journey … Continued

From Brain Waves to Wellbeing: Minna Huotilainen’s Insights on Educator Wellness

With expertise in both neuroscience and education, Minna Huotilainen is dedicated to improving the wellbeing of educators. As the course ‘Neuroscientific Approach to Teacher and Educator Wellbeing’ draws closer, she shares more about her career and research journey. My background is in neuroscience. I started studying the human brain already in the early 1990s, so … Continued

“Research is often going down paths that no one has trodden before”

Meet Johnny Dyreborg, one of the course leaders for our upcoming course “From Research to Practice in Occupational Health and Safety.” In this course leader interview, Dyreborg shares insights into his research journey, career highlights, and the critical need to bridge the gap between research and practical applications in Occupational Health and Safety. Background and … Continued

We welcome our new team members

As the winds of change sweep through NIVA, we express gratitude for the contributions of our colleagues as they move on to new endeavors. Now, we’re delighted to introduce the fresh faces behind the evolving chapter at our organization. Meet our new project managers Nathalie Räihä, Nora Tobiasson, and Julia Hemgård, and join us in … Continued