“A positive approach to diversity will serve to improve effectiveness and performance”

"A positive approach to diversity will serve to improve effectiveness and performance"

Course leader Presentation: Annette Risberg

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace, 11th – 13th of June 2019, Quality Hotel View, Malmö, Sweden

Presentation of Annette Risberg, PhD, Professor at Copenhagen Business School, DK and Norway Inland University of Applied Sciences, NO

I have taught and studied diversity in organizations for the last ten years and more. I am engaged in the topic because I believe in equality, equity and fairness. Everybody should have the same chances and possibilities in the workplace (and elsewhere) if they want so. If we can eliminate workplace discrimination and labor market discrimination, it will be a win-win-win situation for all: the individuals, the organizations and the society.

I am currently professor in Diversity Management at Copenhagen Business School and professor in organization and management at Norway Inland University of Applied Sciences. My research focuses on practices of diversity management and the integration of migrants in the workplace. Together with some colleagues we recently published a short article in the Danish newspaper Information on the topic. You can find the text (in Danish) here.

Why is Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace an important and current issue to discuss in 2019? What is new in the field?

The workforce of the twenty-first century is characterized by ever-increasing diversity in terms of ethnic background, lifestyle, intergenerationality, sexual identity and orientation, physical and mental ability and gender. In the light of this, it is necessary that managers and indeed all employees develop a greater awareness of concepts and practices that can remove obstacles to the full participation and contribution of workers. A positive approach to diversity, in which organizational systems and practices are fully inclusive, will serve to improve effectiveness and performance.

What do you want to say to the participants of the course?

Following our three days course on Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace you will gain better understanding on the topic from employee as well as employer perspectives, and together with discussions and exercises you will get tools to tackle the issue in your organization.

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