Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

The course aims at introducing the participants to workplace diversity, equality and inclusion providing them with an understanding of the concepts in organizational context. It will also provide different perspectives on diversity in organizations. We will discuss management approaches as well as norm critical perspectives to diversity. The participants will be introduced to some diversity and inclusion tools and practices. Through discussions, we will examine and debate what diversity is and what effects these definitions have on the organization and its stakeholders. We will also discuss why organizations address diversity from a firm perspective as well as from a societal perspective.

Course objectives

  • To raise awareness about diversity and equality issues at the workplace
  • To be familiarized with diversity management tools and pratices
  • To be introduced to critical perspectives to diversity and inclusion

Target group

  • General management, Public sector, HR, Consultants, Researchers, PhD students
  • Everyone who comes into contact with diversity and inclusion matters in their work.

Course outline

The course will consist of lectures, team work and exercises.

Main topics

  • Diversity management
  • Equality in organizations
  • Norm critical perspectives to diversity

Registration deadline

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The price of the course consists of two parts:

1) The course fee of EUR 500 and

2) One of the following:

  • The day package I fee of EUR 400
  • The day package II fee of EUR 230
  • Day package

    Day package I

    The day package I price is 400 EUR/person. This price includes conference facilities and technical equipment, coffees, lunches, dinner on Tuesday and the social program and dinner on Wednesday.

    The total price of the course is EUR 900 (course fee EUR 500 + day package fee EUR 400).

    We strongly encourage you to take part in the social program, as this is a vital part of the NIVA course experience. We believe in the power of networking (between people) and strive to create an inspiring possibility for that through the social program.

    Day package II

    The day package II price is 230 EUR/person. This price includes conference facilities and technical equipment, coffees and lunches.

    The total price of the course is EUR 730 (course fee EUR 500 + day package fee EUR 230).

    Kindly note that the day package II does not include the social program nor the dinners.

  • Accommodation

    NIVA has made a block reservation for the accommodation 11th –13th of June 2019 at Quality Hotel View in Malmö, Sweden. To book a room from the block kindly make the reservation by emailing the hotel directly at q.view@choice.se or calling +46 4037 4108. Remember to mention the reservation number 2110GR012280 and the group name NIVA when booking the room (available until 11.5.2019).

    The room price for a single standard room is SEK 1295 (approx. EUR 123)/night (including breakfast).

    The block reservation will be available until 11th of May 2019.

  • Payment info

    Cancellations received by April, 10th 2019: full refund
    Cancellations received after April, 10th 2019: no refund

    The total price of the course will be invoiced after the registration deadline.

    The price is subject to minor changes.

Contact person

Course leader
Annette Risberg
PhD, Professor
Copenhagen Business School, DK / Norway Inland University of Applied Sciences, NO
email: ari.msc@cbs.dk


Project Manager
Cecilia Weckman
mobile: +358 40 1258 748
email: cecilia.weckman@niva.org

Course venue

Quality Hotel View, Hyllie Stationstorg 29, 215 32 Malmö, Sweden


Course program


Diversity, equality and inclusion are becoming more and more relevant for companies and other organizations. The society is changing demographically which reflects in the workplaces. Companies are facing harsher competition to attracted talented workforce. Customers are becoming more aware of and sensible to social responsibility and sustainability. All these matters…

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Course Leader

Annette Risberg


Fahad Saheed
Minke Wersäll
Sarah Louise Muhr 1

General information

Course fee and payment The courses and workshops vary in price. Please note that the course fee does not cover meals or accommodation. The course fee and day-package fee are invoiced after the registration deadline. Travel arrangements Please refrain from booking any tickets until we have confirmed the course. The confirmation, which will be sent after the registration deadline, will include detailed information on the payment of the course fee and day-packages, as well as information on accommodation options and practical arrangements. Please note that you are not insured by NIVA. Accommodation For more information about accommodation options, please see the…

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