ONLINE COURSE: Work Disability Prevention (Part 1)

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Course introduction

This online course is a short introduction to the Work Disability Prevention topic and its objectives are to disseminate transdisciplinary WDP knowledge with focus on theoretical, methodological, ethical and practical challenges.

The course material is divided into four topics and contains the following:


  • “The Work Disability Paradigm and its Arena: Think Different” – Patrick Loisel (Key note lecture)


  • Work Disability Theories – Angelique de Rijk (Short lecture + pdf)
  • WD Theories continued – Angelique de Rijk (Short lecture + pdf)
  • Workplace-based WDP models – Merete Labriola (Short lecture + pdf)


  • Ethical aspects to WDP practices – Christian Ståhl (Short lecture + pdf)
  • Comments by Kari Haring from trade union (Interview)
  • Comments by Jan Schugk from employer organization (Interview)
  • Role of Occupational Health Services in WDP – Kari-Pekka Martimo (Short lecture + pdf)
  • Ethics in WDP research and applying research – Christian Ståhl (Short lecture + pdf)


  • Evaluation designs for work disability prevention interventions – Kerstin Ekberg (Short lecture + pdf)
  • WDP Interventions, implementation and outcome measures – Ute Bültmann (Short lecture + pdf)
  • Qualitative methods in evaluation research – Christian Ståhl (Short lecture + pdf)

You are able to view the material by either choosing the preferred topic from the menu on the right hand side or by clicking the arrow below with the next topic.