In this section about theories, the lectures by Angelique de Rijk will present the work disability theories in an ordered way which allows you to pick out the theory you need for your practice or research. First, a theory or theoretical model will be defined, and how theories can be used. Next, the types of work disability theories that will be addressed will be defined.

The theories will be organized in a taxonomy that distinguishes between theories that

  1. explain the becoming work disabled
  2. explain the duration of work disability / return to work
  3. help to understand work disability in its micro, meso and macro context
  4. focus on the explanation of sickness presenteeism

The different theories will be explained briefly. Next some conclusions will be drawn regarding the focus and scientific evidence of the majority of theories.
In between, you are challenged to answer six questions that help you step-by-step to select the best theory for the topic you want to focus on in your work.

This section also includes a lecture by Merete Labriola about Workplace-based Work Disability prevention models.


Work Disability Theories

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WD Theories continued

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Workplace-based WDP models

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