Course leader presentation: Pernilla Wiebert

Assessment of Cancer Risk, 14th – 16th of May, 2018
Centrum för arbets- och miljömedicin CAMM, Stockholm, Sweden

Pernilla Wiebert, what is your background? Can you give me a short presentation of yourself.
I am a biologist working as an occupational hygienist at the Centre for Occupational and Environmental Medicine in Stockholm, Sweden. The work involves making assessment of chemical and physical agents ion the work environment on patients referred to the clinic. In my research I focus on epidemiology and exposure assessment, mainly in the areas of exposure to chemicals and particles and the risk of developing chronic diseases.

Why is Assessment of Cancer Risk an important and current issue to discuss in 2018? What is new in the field?
Occupationally induced cancers are all possible to prevent, and it is crucial that professionals like clinicians and researchers get the relevant tools to improve cancer prevention. New methods of exposure classification, epidemiological analysis and use of biomarkers for exposure and effect are some examples of novelties in the field.

What do you want to say to the participants of the course?
Once you have attended the course, I hope you have gained insight into new effective methods in the field of cancer research.

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