What Works: Moving Your OSH Information to Action Utilizing Best Practices of Digital Media

This course focuses on optimizing communication strategies by discussing relevant and effective case studies that highlight the core elements of the communication continuum: reach-engagement-interventions and campaigns to move our audiences to action. Case Studies for dissemination and engagement will be selected from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Science Blogs, Google, Wikipedia, UK National Health Service, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). In addition, case studies focusing on campaigns and interventions will be selected from several international entities (EU-OSHA, ISSA, Cochrane Libraries, EDC-Stockholm, and CDC) to illustrate techniques and highlight effective strategies of moving our information to action.

Course objectives

  • To provide strategies to increase the timely dissemination and potential impact of useful health information
  • To highlight activities to leverage audience networks to facilitate information sharing
  • To effectively expand reach strategies to include broader, more diverse and “hard-to-reach” audiences by the extensive use of Wikipedia, other digital compendia and search engine optimization.
  • To consider which activities may better personalize and reinforce health messages that can be more easily tailored or targeted to particular audiences
  • To discuss how better to facilitate interactive communication, connection and public engagement
  • To provide examples of empowering people to make safer and healthier decisions
  • To present an easy to use metric dashboard to monitor and understand the effectiveness of targeted outreach efforts.

Target group

The course is designed for students, web professionals, hygienists, physicians, managers and other communication and safety and health professionals and policy makers working both in industry, government, nonprofits, and other health and safety mission-driven organizations who are responsible for developing, extending, and maintaining their organization’s health and safety impact, identity, and reach.

Course outline

The course will be a mix of lectures and hands-on demonstrations of specific case studies focusing on interventions with measured impact as well as a presentation from the Cochrane Library (FIOH) focusing on their systematic reviews of OSH interventions specifically “lessons learned.”

Main topics

  • Social media/marketing
  • Wikipedia editing
  • Reach and engagement measures
  • Action and impact measures

Registration deadline

March 12th 2018

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    Day package II

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Contact person

Course Leader
Max Lum
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Washington, USA
email: Mrl1@cdc.gov

In practical matters, please contact:

Project Manager
Linda Vänskä
mobile: +358 40 5463 277
email: linda.vanska@niva.org

Course venue

Schaeffergarden, Copenhagen area, Denmark

Course program


Getting useful and relevant information and research findings into the right hands to be used to improve the health of employers and workers is not an easy task. This is particularly true for research in occupational safety and health because being safe at work sometimes is not seen as high…

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Course Leader



Andreas Hvid Ramsdal
Charlotte Wåhlin
Garrett Burnett
John Sadowski
Sven Timm

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