WEBINAR: How to Relieve Work Stress during the Corona Crisis

The corona crisis has forced 37% of workers in the EU to work from home, with Finland reaching 60%. Organizations quickly formulated new rules, at best supplemented with ergonomic and lifestyle advice.

In this webinar, professor Angelique de Rijk presents knowledge on the worsening of our psychosocial working conditions, and how you can improve these for yourself and – if you are a manager – your staff members. She will address the issue of effective leadership when working remotely, which is key to psychosocial working conditions.


About the lecturer

Lecturer Angelique de Rijk is a professor at Maastricht University in the area of Work & Health. She has a master’s degree in Work & Organisational Psychology and PhD in Health Psychology. Her research focuses on sustainable employability, burnout, labour participation of persons with chronic diseases and interventions for them and work & health policy.

Angelique de Rijk is also one of the course leaders of NIVA’s upcoming course on Work Disability Prevention in June 2021. For more information see the course webpage.

Registration deadline

June 9th 2020



The webinar is free of charge. Please register above.

Contact person

Angelique de Rijk,
Maastricht University, NL
email: angelique.derijk@maastrichtuniversity.nl

In practical matters, please contact:

Project Manager
Cecilia Weckman
email: cecilia.weckman@niva.org


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