Nordic Workshop on OHS

29th of October 2020
Hanaholmen, Espoo, Finland & Online

About this workshop

Occupational health services differ in the Nordic countries. What is the best way to improve health, safety and work ability of working-age population? Given the rapid changes in working life, what is the role of the occupational health service (OHS) in work disability management, workers’ wellbeing and safety at work? The workshop aims to study the approaches, content and functions of OHS now and in the future.

Subject background

The need for occupational health services is still based on the traditional risks at work. At the same time the new working life is changing rapidly with digital solutions and platforms, increased mental and cognitive load and a blurring of the borderline between work and free time. How should the health and safety services be organized in this new situation? The new y- and z-generations will take the lead. They are heavy users of e- and m-technology and expect to receive quality services without delay. Generations working side-by-side is an opportunity. In the future working life we need both young and elderly people. The key to success might be a better understanding of the needs and demands of different work places and population groups; How are the services provided and functioning? Are the goals achieved? How can the data from different sources be used for planning and follow-up of these services?

In many countries the status and role of occupational health services is under a critical discussion. Are they seen as part of the safety systems for workplaces, or a part of the national health care and welfare system? Because the solutions differ in each country, this opens a great opportunity to study the reasoning behind these choices and to discuss what does work and what does not.

Contact person

Workshop leader

Timo Leino, D.Med.Sci, Adjunct Professor, Chief Physician
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

In practical matters, please contact:

Project Manager

Morten Jakobsen
mobile: +358 40 126 3336

Contact person

Linda Vänskä 5

Morten Jakobsen

Workshop leader

Timo Leino

  • D. Med. Sci., Adj. Professor, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH), FI

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