Nordic Perspectives on Work Science

Nordic Perspectives on Work Sciences

24th – 26th of November 2020
Online course

About this course

The course focuses on the development of multidisciplinary work sciences according to views represented by various scientific disciplines, their underlying approaches and their implications for research questions, concepts, theories, applications, approaches and methodology.

Different perspectives and applications will be subject for discussions and comparisons to support a holistic understanding of contemporary challenges for sciences with a work perspective – and improve competence to handle and collaborate in research and developments.

The course can be complemented to certify for a research-level, theoretical course of 7,5 hp, certified at Gothenburg University. This includes independent work during a 4-month period and an exam during a face-to-face lunch meeting in Gothenburg.

Price information

The price of the course is EUR 50 in total.

Course objectives

The aim of the course is to broaden and deepen the knowledge of different perspectives and applications of work science in the Nordic countries from social, technical, medical, educational and humanistic sciences.

  • Introduction to the philosophy, main theoretical frameworks and research approaches of the following work sciences perspectives in a Nordic context:
    • Work sociology
    • Ergonomics/technology
    • Occupational medicine/health
    • Work psychology
    • Leadership and management studies
  • Research results from recent projects and the societal impact of the above-mentioned work sciences
  • Multidisciplinary research and development work: concepts, theory and practice

Target groups

  • Researchers
  • HR managers
  • Occupational health practitioners
  • PhD and university students from various disciplines related to work sciences (work sociology, ergonomics, occupational medicine, occupational health, work psychology, leadership and organization, technology, law, economy)
  • Officials of institutes, trade unions and organizations dealing with issues related to working conditions (social issues, social insurance, work environment, public health)

General course fee and cancellation information

The courses and workshops vary in price. Please note that the course fee does not cover meals or accommodation. The course fee and day-package fee are invoiced after the registration deadline.

Travel arrangements

Please refrain from booking any tickets until we have confirmed the course. The confirmation, which will be sent after the registration deadline, will include detailed information on the payment of the course fee and day-packages, as well as information on accommodation options and practical arrangements. Please note that you are not insured by NIVA.

Cancellation policy

Cancellations received by 18th of September 2020: full refund
Cancellations received by 19th of September 2020 or later: no refund

The total price of the course will be invoiced after the registration deadline.

The price is subject to minor changes.

Subject background

Broader understanding of the multicomponent conditions at work influencing occupation health and safety is important for taking actions that have impacts on society. Thus, multidisciplinary perspectives and competences to collaborate in multidisciplinary teams is becoming increasingly important for researchers, leaders and officials.

Contact person

Course leader

Lotta Dellve, Professor in Work Science
Department of Sociology and Work Sciences, Gothenburg University, Sweden
Aff. Professor in Ergonomics, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

In practical matters, please contact:

Project Manager

Morten Jakobsen
mobile: +358 40 126 3336

Course leader

Lotta Dellve

Lotta Dellve

  • Professor in Work Science, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Course lecturers

Kasper Edwards

Kasper Edwards

  • Senior Researcher, Technical University of Denmark, DK
Stefan Tengblad

Stefan Tengblad

  • Professor, University of Gothenburg, SE

Annika Härenstam

  • Professor, University of Gothenburg, SE

Tuija Muhonen

  • Professor, Centre for Work Life and Evaluation Studies, Malmö University, Sweden

Kristina Håkansson

  • Professor, University of Gothenburg, SE

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