Microbiological Exposures and Risk Evaluations

9th – 11th of November 2021
Lysebu Hotel, Oslo area, Norway


About this course

The exposure to microorganisms and their toxins is relevant in many workplaces, such as waste handling, work with metalworking fluids and agriculture. The exposure is complex and often poorly characterized. The risk evaluation of the microbiological exposure is also difficult and no consensus exists on what elements in the exposure should be targeted.

This course aims to give an insight into what techniques are available for sampling and measuring microbiological exposures. Different aspect of risk assessment, preventive measures and health effects connected with microbiological exposures will be discussed.

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Course Summary

9th – 11th of November 2021
Lysebu Hotel, Oslo area, Norway
Deadline 12th of September 2021
EUR 770-990 (depending on day package)
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9th–11th of November 2021 at Hotel Lysebu, Oslo area, Norway.

NIVA has made a block reservation for the accommodation 9th–11th of November 2021 at Hotel Lysebu, Oslo, Norway.

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Course objectives

The aim of the course is to give the participants a foundation for conducting risk assessment of microbiological exposures in the workplace. Challenges with exposure measurements as well as the evaluation of results from exposure measurements will be addressed.  The course will give an insight into risk communication, preventive measures and health effects of microbiological exposures

During the course different techniques for measuring microbiological exposures will also be discussed as well as difficulties with collection of representative samples and choice of analytical techniques.

Target groups

Researchers, Labor Inspection, OHS

Course Summary

9th – 11th of November 2021
Lysebu Hotel, Oslo area, Norway
Deadline 12th of September 2021
EUR 770-990 (depending on day package)
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Subject background

Microorganisms, both harmless and potential harmful, are everywhere – also in many workplaces. Workers are exposed to microorganisms through inhalation and dermal contact, resulting in adverse health effects, including infections and allergic and inflammatory effects of the lung and skin. Although much is known about potential effects of microorganisms, different species spectra in different occupations settings may have various effect, and the cause-and effect relationship is not clear. The complex exposure at workplaces makes the risk evaluation difficult. New analytical techniques have made it possible to identify different species of microorganisms, giving a much more detailed characterisation of the exposure. How can this information be used for a risk evaluation, and how to communicate the results?

Microbiological exposures is not only a problem in well-established work environments, also new exposures are emerging. For instance has the focus upon a more circular economy with an increased recycling, sorting and cleaning of waste created new exposure scenarios for microorganisms, and the knowledge of the health hazards of employees in these industries is scarce.

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Cancellation policy

Cancellations received by September, 12th 2021: full refund
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The total price of the course will be invoiced after the registration deadline.

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Contact person

Course leader

Pål Graff, Research Professor, STAMI, Department of Chemical and Biological Work Environment, Oslo, Norway
email: pal.graff@stami.no

In practical matters, please contact:

Project Manager

Cecilia Weckman
mobile: +358 40 1258 748
email: cecilia.weckman@niva.org

Course leader

Pål Graff

  • Research professor, National Institute of Occupational Health STAMI, NO

Course lecturers

Anani Johnny Komlavi Afanou

  • Research Associate Professor, STAMI, Oslo, NO

Anna Dahlman Höglund

  • Associate professor, Arbets- och miljömedicin (AMM), Gothenburg, SE

Anne Mette Madsen

  • Senior Researcher, NRCWE, Copenhagen, DK

Anne Straumfors

  • Lead Research Professor, STAMI, Oslo, NO

Carla Viegas

  • Professor, Lisbon School of Health Technology, Lisbon, PT

Caroline Duchaine

  • Professor, Laval University, Quebec, CA

Elke Eriksen

  • PhD student, STAMI, Oslo, NO

Jørn Holme

  • Chief Scientist, Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH), Oslo, NO

Karl-Christian Nordby

  • Division Director and Chief Physician, STAMI, Oslo, NO

Pil Uthaug Rasmussen

  • PostDoc, NRCWE, Copenhagen, DK

Signe Agnete Møller

  • PhD student, NRCWE, Copenhagen, DK

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