The Future of Work

5th – 6th of September 2016
Helsinki Congress Paasitorni, Helsinki, Finland

The future of work and new forms of work from the global and the Nordic perspectives – future priorities of the ILO beyond the centenary.

The purpose of the conference is to discuss on opportunities and challenges created by the technological changes and new forms of employment in the global and Nordic context.

How should we address these challenges from the Nordic and global perspective?

How could we better address global challenges and ensure social justice for all?

Target group

  • Members of the Nordic ILO committees
  • ILO representatives
  • Representatives of the Nordic Social Partners
  • Experts on labour law and labour market issues in the Nordic countries
  • Experts on labour issues from Nordic ministries and other relevant authorities, as well as those responsible for the Nordic cooperation
  • Equality and health and safety experts

The aims of the conference are

  • to identify Nordic and global challenges and policy responses from the Nordic perspective concerning the future of work and new forms of work
  • to start at the Nordic level preparations for the celebration of the ILO’s centenary in the 2019 and to give a Nordic input for the future orientation of the ILO activities and policies in order to better address the future challenges.
  • Gender mainstreaming aspects will be stressed throughout the conference as a Nordic priority.
  • The ILO, in particular through its international labour standards, influences directly the Nordic labour markets as well as the regulatory framework in the whole world. The global trade, inter alia outsourcing and global supply chains affect not only competitiveness, employment and economic prospects but also on labour conditions all over the world.
  • New technologies and production models, such as digitalization, robotisation and uberisation affect our labour market situations.  How should we in the Nordic countries and in the ILO address these global challenges and opportunities?
  • How should we promote social justice and decent work at the global level?

The end-result would be a summary of discussions, as well as better networking and sharing information and best practices on the priorities of Nordic governments and social partners. As a consequence the Nordic voice in the ILO will have more impact on the Centenary conversation on the Future of Work.


International Labour Organization

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland


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