Nordic Work Environment Conference 2021

The Nordic work environment authorities continue to have long-lasting collaborations between the countries. An important and reoccurring element of this cooperation is the Nordic Work Environment Conference, which is organised biennially on a rotating basis between the Nordic countries.

Denmark is hosting the 32nd conference in 2021 titled “Work inspection equipped for the future”.


Work inspection equipped for the future

The conference will focus on the following themes related to the future of work:

  • Social dumping, undeclared work and orderly conditions in the Nordics
  • Digital solutions/tools for inspection tailored to labour market developments and digital/technological developments
  • Increased use of data in communicating work environment focus areas from authorities to companies


Target group

The target group of the conference is representatives from the Nordic work environment authorities. Representatives from national research institutes with a focus on occupational health and safety are also warmly welcome.

Nordic co-operation

Nordic co-operation is one of the world’s most extensive forms of regional collaboration, involving Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Åland.

Nordic co-operation has firm traditions in politics, the economy and culture. It plays an important role in European and international collaboration, and aims at creating a strong Nordic community in a strong Europe.

Nordic co-operation seeks to safeguard Nordic and regional interests and principles in the global community. Shared Nordic values help the region solidify its position as one of the world’s most innovative and competitive.

Registration deadline

Registration opens in 2021.

General information

Please note that you will need a personal invitation from the Nordic Work Environment Authorities to participate in the conference. Your personal invitation includes a password needed when registering for the conference.

Contact person

If you have questions about practical arrangements, please contact:

Project Manager
Morten Jakobsen
mobile: +358 40 126 3336



Ved spørgsmål om praktiske omstændigheder venligst kontakt:

Morten Jakobsen
mobil: +358 40 126 3336