Conference on Nordic Future of Work

26th of November 2020
On-line conference

Registration by invitation only

Conference on Nordic Future of Work

Due to Covid-19 and the restrictions related to it, the conference will be arranged as an on-line event.

The Nordic labour models are faced with major transformations such as digitalisation and technological advances, new forms of employment and new labour market agents. These developments pose opportunities and challenges for the world of work in the Nordic region and make new demands on existing structures, such as labour law and occupational health and safety. In that regard, the Danish Ministry of Employment is hosting a conference on Nordic Future of Work in Copenhagen 26 November 2020 under the auspices of the Danish chairmanship of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

At the conference, the FAFO Institute for Labour and Social Research will present the final conclusions from the Nordic research project The Future of Work: Opportunities and challenges for the Nordic models. In this collaborative project, funded by The Nordic Council of Ministers, researchers study how the ongoing transformations of production and labour markets associated with, amongst other, digitalisation, demographic change and new forms of employment will influence the future of work in the Nordic countries. The project is conducted by a team of more than 30 Nordic scholars from universities and research institutes in the Nordic region and will be completed by a synthesis report.

General information

Please note that you will need an invitation from the Danish Ministry of Employment to participate in the conference.

EUR 410

EUR 215

EUR 128 – 148 / night

Opportunities and challenges for the Nordic models

Besides the presentation of the main findings from the Nordic research project on The Future of Work, relevant stakeholders from social partners, companies and research institutions will join us to share their views on the future of work in the Nordic region.

The conference will focus on different aspects related to the future of work, including:

  • Digitalization of traditional forms of work
  • Self-employed, independent and atypical work
  • New labour market agents
  • Consequences for occupational health and safety
  • Challenges and opportunities for labour law and the Nordic labour market model

Target group

The target group of the conference is representatives from Nordic social partners, labour market authorities and organisations as well as Nordic research institutes with a focus on future of work.

Read more about Nordic Future of Work

  • FAFO’s project site is to be found here.
  • Information about Future of Work in the Nordic Council of Ministers is to be found here.

Contact person

If you have questions about practical arrangements, please contact:

Linda Vänskä 3

Cecilia Weckman

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