Our Philosophy

NIVA’s core values lie in promoting a good working life through research-based knowledge dissemination and knowledge formation. We strive to build the gap between theory and practice and make sure that our activities are of a high quality, both in terms of academic content, pedagogy and practical arrangements. We rely on our extensive network of occupational health and safety specialists throughout research institutions and organizations, primarily in the Nordic countries but also from other places in the world. We highly appreciate the participants’ knowledge and believe in the value of human meetings.

Our concept is mainly to provide an education platform, where people can meet face to face and where networking and social interaction is possible. The feedback we get from both attendees and lecturers gives us reason to carry on with this winning concept. However, digitization provides great opportunities for learning and communication. NIVA strives to integrate digitized aspects into our activities where it best supports the participants’ learning and interaction.

Our activities take place mainly in the Nordic countries, or in the northern areas of the Nordic region (with some exceptions) and in places that are easily accessible. Our courses and conferences last 2-3 days providing hard core substance information and offering excellent networking opportunities. In the year 2017 launched our first on-line course and we are excited to see where this new endeavor will take us.