Course leader presentation: Pete Kines

Safety Promotion – Research and Good Practice, 7th – 9th of May 2019, Hanaholmen/Hanasaari, Espoo (Helsinki area), Finland

Presentation of Pete Kines, Senior scientific researcher, The National Research Centre for the Working Environment

Pete Kines (psychologist and PhD-civil engineering) has been involved in safety promotion since 1996 in both traffic and workplace safety research. He was the initial coordinator and psychologist for the transdisciplinary Road Accident Investigation Board in Denmark. He is currently senior researcher in accident and safety research at the National Research Centre for the Working Environment in Denmark, and his current work involves studying OSH strategies and interventions such as Vision Zero, as well as developing proactive tools for measuring and managing safety, such as the app Safety Observer.

Why is Safety Promotion an important and current issue to discuss in 2019? What is new in the field?

Safety Promotion is critical to discuss in 2019 with increasing multicultural societies and workforces and a business focus on benchmarking and marketing on proactive and reactive safety indicators. A lot of new research has come out since 2017 that challenges some of the traditional ways of approaching safety promotion, from a systematic review of the evidence for what actually works in safety promotion, to studies of young workers’ workplace induction and Vision Zero OSH strategies. Brand new ISO standards for OSH have been released in 2018, which require greater focus on leadership and worker influence, and great progress has been made in incorporating artificial intelligence and virtual learning in safety promotion.

What do you want to say to the participants of the course?

This NIVA Safety Promotion course will feature presentations from some leading safety promotion researchers and practitioners. It will challenge traditional ways of approaching safety promotion, to provide participants with up-to-date and relevant evidence-based concepts for integrating current and future safety promotion initiatives in overall business strategies.

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