LIVE: Announcement of the 2022 Nordic Council Environment Prize nominations

Find out which extraordinary Nordic initiatives are nominated! The theme for the Nordic Council Environment Prize 2022 is ‘Nature based solution – a versatile response to the major environmental challenges facing society’. The announcement of the 2022 nominees will take place at the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands on Thursday September 1st at 3 pm (UTC+1) with the stream able to be followed right here on


Link to the stream will follow shortly.

Seminar on Nature-based solutions

The unveiling of the nominees will be followed by a 90 minutes seminar on Nature-based solutions. The seminar will bring experts, youth, and decision-makers together in a discussion about the importance of nature-based solutions for biodiversity, the climate and human wellbeing – and how they are being implemented in the Nordic countries.We will also hear about the 4-year program on nature-based solutions initiated by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

– The loss of biodiversity and its harmful effects on human health and well-being are becoming increasingly clear. It’s obvious that there’s a growing need for solutions that have nature at their core. With this year’s theme, we want shine a spotlight on good examples and initiatives from around the Nordic Region. To share good practice and inspire even more people to think in terms of nature-based solutions, says Sauli Rouhinen, chair of the adjudication committee for the Nordic Council Environment Prize.

The seminar is hosted by the Nordic Houses in Iceland and the Faroe Islands along with the Institute for Sustainability Studies at the University of Iceland.

The Nordic Council Environment Prize

Each year, the Nordic Council Environment Prize is awarded to a person, organisation, or initiative in the Nordic Region that has made an extraordinary contribution to the environment. The theme for the prize varies from year to year. This year’s theme is: Nature-based solutions – a versatile response to the major environmental challenges facing society.T

The Nordic Council awards five prizes each year – for literature, film, music, the environment, and children’s and young people’s literature. The winners each receive DKK 300,000 along with the Nordlys statuette.