Webinar: Latest updates on Nordic Nutrition Recommendations

The upcoming Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR2022) will deliver the most updated and comprehensive Nordic report on diet and health. This fifth edition of the guidelines will – for the first time ever – also fully integrate sustainability, with a major focus on climate and environment. At a webinar on 25 May, status and main events in the project will be presented. Everyone is welcome.

One Nordic voice in UN negotiations on biodiversity

The biodiversity crisis must be resolved by way of a global agreement with measurable goals and clear requirements for implementation. That’s the joint message to the UN from the Nordic ministers for climate and the environment. They promise to increase their own efforts for biodiversity in the Nordic Region.

Nordic delegation visits Nordic Bridges in Canada

Nordic literature, theatre, music, film, dance, art, and design are currently drawing a great deal of attention in Canada. The Nordic Bridges cultural initiative is now in full swing. Led by Norway’s Minister of Culture and Equality, Anette Trettebergstuen, a Nordic delegation will visit Canada this week to meet with artists, those working at cultural institutions, and political representatives.

New report: Refugees have the most difficulty finding a job in Denmark

More refugees have jobs in Sweden and Norway, and they receive higher wages than in Denmark. More men than women are in work after living in their new Nordic country for a few years. These are the findings of a new report on labour market integration, which was launched on Monday.

Nominations for the 2022 Nordic Council Music Prize

Twelve works have been nominated for the 2022 Nordic Council Music Prize for their high artistic standard. These include albums with electronic music, folk and art music, as well as new concepts such as a nonet for flutes and a kinetic opera, which have all been produced by composers from the Nordic countries. The winners will be announced on 1 November in Helsinki.

Ministers want young people’s suggestions on Nordic policy for sparsely populated areas

What’s required for Nordic rural areas to be attractive places to live, settle and work in? The Nordic ministers responsible for regional policy want to know how young people in sparsely populated areas would answer that question. At the meeting, they also reviewed new innovative solutions that are emerging around the Nordic Region to safeguard essential services in sparsely populated areas.

Self-sufficiency of food production in the Nordic islands

Of the five Nordic islands surveyed, the most self-sufficient is Åland, and the least self-sufficient is Bornholm. The degree of self-sufficiency is important for crisis preparedness and for thriving rural areas – but what does it mean for sustainability? This issue is being investigated in a new report.

New report: Digitalization of courts strengthen the rule of law

Although the judicial system is inherently conservative, the Nordic courts have been gradually modernizing and incorporating digital technology within the last decade or so. Denmark is ahead of other Nordic countries in the digitalization of the courts, but has still a lot to learn from the Baltic countries, Estonia and Latvia, who got a kick-start following their independence in the early nineties.