Which films stand a chance of winning the 2023 Nordic Council Film Prize?

Since 2002, the Nordic Council Film Prize has been awarded to a full-length feature film that has roots in Nordic culture and displays high standards of artistic quality. 

Here are the nominees for the 2023 Nordic Council Film Prize: 







The six Nordic films have been nominated by national juries.

Winner to be announced on 31 October

The winner of the 2023 Nordic Council Film Prize will be announced together with the winners of the other Nordic Council prizes at an awards ceremony on 31 October in Oslo in conjunction with the annual Session of the Nordic Council. 

The prize money of DKK 300,000 is shared equally between the winning screenwriter, director and producer, which underlines that film as an art form is the result of close co-operation between these three main functions.

About the Nordic Council Film Prize

The Nordic Council Film Prize is awarded to a Nordic-produced feature film of a high artistic quality. The film must have had its cinema premiere between 1 January and 30 June 2023, or between 1 July and 31 December the year before. 

The Nordic Council Film Prize was first awarded in 2002 and is now awarded each year along with the other Nordic prizes for literature, music, and the environment. Nordisk Film & TV Fond is responsible for the administration of the prize.

Where to watch the Nordic Region’s best films this autumn

This autumn, the six nominated feature films will be screened at the following events around the Nordic Region: