Security, peace, and preparedness in the North Atlantic to be debated as Nordic Council meets in Faroe Islands in April

The North Atlantic is a strategically important area where there is a risk of escalation in the power struggle between major powers, especially following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. For the Nordic countries, and especially the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Iceland, it’s important that the Arctic and the North Atlantic remain areas of low tension when it comes to security policy.

“In our presidency programme, we emphasise security and peace in the Arctic as important issues. It’s important that all our Nordic parliamentarians have the opportunity to come together to discuss the challenges that the new security policy situation brings with it. Russia is a close neighbour of all the Nordic countries, and we know that tension is rising in the Arctic,” says the President of the Nordic Council, Bryndís Haraldsdóttir.

It’s also important for the Faroese delegation, which is hosting the theme session in Tórshavn, that the North Atlantic is on the agenda.

“This is the first time that the Nordic Council’s theme session is being held in the Faroe Islands. Considering our geographical location in the middle of the North Atlantic, the theme ‘Security, peace, and preparedness in the North Atlantic’ couldn’t have been a better choice. We’re delighted to welcome our Nordic friends,” says the chair of the Faroese delegation, Erling Eidesgaard.

Exploration of updates to the Helsinki Treaty

During the theme session, the Nordic Council’s working group exploring the need for an update of the Helsinki Treaty will also present its proposals. The group has discussed matters including defence co-operation and the status of Greenland, the Faroe Islands, and Åland within Nordic co-operation. The Helsinki Treaty is the basic document which governs official Nordic co-operation. It was last updated in 1996 when Finland and Sweden became members of the European Union.

Co-operation on transport

Nordic co-operation on transport will also be discussed at the theme session. A new review of the current state of co-operation within the transport sector and the needs that exist will serve as the starting point for the debate.