“Restrict industrial trawling for herring in the Baltic Sea!”

Herring stocks are down to alarmingly low levels in the Baltic Sea.

Recently, the European Commission proposed a halt to all directed fishing for herring in the central part of the sea and the Gulf of Bothnia. 

Scientists have long warned this might be necessary. 

In support of small-scale commercial fishing

“We believe it is better to restrict industrial trawling than impose a total ban. Industrial trawlers mainly catch fish for animal feed. We want to preserve small-scale commercial fishing so that we can keep eating herring, promote tourism and preserve our cultural heritage,” says Simon Holmström MP (Åland), member of the Nordic Council Committee for a Sustainable Nordic Region.

Processed urgently

In March, the Sustainability Committee discussed a proposal for more sustainable herring fishing in the Baltic Sea. 

When the European Commission proposed a total ban, the Committee discussed the matter as quickly as possible. 

Its proposal encourages the Nordic governments to negotiate on the matter with relevant stakeholders, including the Baltic Sea Fisheries Forum.