Nordic funding available for civil society organisations

A dynamic civil society is a cornerstone of Nordic democracy. Consequently, the Nordic intergovernmental body for co-operation, the Nordic Council of Ministers, is earmarking just over EUR 1 million for the funding programme, which is divided into three modules with different application windows throughout the year. 

First application rounds in March

First is Demos Learning and Demos Culture, both with an application window of 12 March to 12 April. Demos Learning funds projects that have a focus on young people’s understanding or knowledge of the Nordic Region or the Nordic languages, as well as projects that aim to increase the Nordic perspective within journalism. Demos Culture funds projects that promote cultural collaboration in the Nordics with a special focus on orchestral co-operation, musical interaction, and literature.  

The application window for Demos Network runs from 13 August to 13 September. It grants funding for meetings and networks that strengthen civil society’s voice and organisations’ opportunities to influence society.

Partners from three countries

“Many civil society organisations, or citizens’ organizations as we say in Finland, often already have a degree of co-operation with corresponding organisations in another country. Demos funding can help to establish stronger and longer-lasting collaborations,” says Anne Malmström, funding advisor at Nordic Culture Point, which administers the Demos programme. 

Anne emphasises that previous applicants perceived the application process to be easy to manage, and that it’s worth priming your partners in advance. 

“Each project must have partners from at least three Nordic countries. Once everyone has agreed on the direction of the project, it’s easy to complete and submit the application using the portal,” says Anne.