A safer, greener, and freer Nordic Region under Sweden’s presidency

At a time of geopolitical uncertainty, Sweden is going into its presidency with confidence in the fact that close co-operation between the Nordic countries is vital for the joint security and prosperity of the region.

“Our motto is a safer, greener, and freer Nordic Region. Safer, by strengthening our joint ability to prevent, resist, and handle various kinds of modern crisis. Greener, by being at the forefront of a competitive and innovation-driven green climate transition, both at home and abroad, by promoting clean Nordic solutions as a model for the rest of the world. Freer, through a policy of increased growth, competitive businesses, and deeper Nordic integration that makes life easier for people and commerce,” says Sweden’s Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson.

The Nordics lead the green transition

The presidency programme is rooted in the Nordic prime ministers’ vision for the Nordic Region to be the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030. During the year, Sweden will continue efforts to ensure the Nordic Region is a leader in the green transition, globally competitive, and socially sustainable.

 “The vision for the Nordic Region to be the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030 continues to guide the way. But, let’s be honest, we still have a way to go. It’s high time that we pick up the pace,” said Kristersson on 31 October last year when he presented the presidency programme in conjunction with the Session of the Nordic Council at the Storting in Oslo.

Easy to live, work, and study in the Nordic Region

This Swedish presidency will focus in particular on an integrated Nordic Region and on improving freedom of movement across borders.
“It should be easy to live, study, work, and run companies throughout the Nordic Region and across its borders. We now need to translate words into action and accelerate efforts to remove obstacles to freedom of movement and promote mobility and integration. This will be a priority during Sweden’s presidency,” says Jessika Roswall, Sweden’s Minister for European Union Affairs, with responsibility for Nordic matters.

Four priority areas

During the year of the presidency, Sweden will organise a comprehensive programme of physical and digital ministerial meetings, high-level conferences, and other events. The programme is divided into the following priority areas:

  • An integrated Nordic Region free from obstacles to freedom of movement
  • A green Nordic Region
  • A competitive Nordic Region
  • A socially sustainable Nordic Region

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