Sustainable industries, sustainable jobs? Work environment in the recycling industry

19th – 21st of March 2024
Thon Hotel Opera, Oslo, Norway


About this workshop

The workshop will examine and elucidate work environment challenges relevant to “green jobs”, including identifying current knowledge gaps. Particular emphasis will be placed on psychosocial work characteristics and the recycling industries of the Nordic countries, but chemical/biological exposures will also be included, as these emerging industries involve challenges related to new biohazards.

The interplay between the psychosocial and the chemical/biological work environment will be illuminated, for instance by addressing questions pertaining to safety psychology and -culture when dealing with chemical/biological exposures. Potential health impacts will be discussed based on up-to-date research.

Workshop summary

19th – 21st of March 2024
Onsite course
Thon Hotel Opera, Oslo, Norway
Deadline 12th of February 2024
EUR 850 – 1.050 (depending on the day package)
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18th – 21st of March 2024 at Thon Hotel Opera, Oslo, Norway

NIVA has made a block reservation for the accommodation 18th – 21st of March 2024 at Thon Hotel Opera, Oslo, Norway.

To book a room from the block kindly make the reservation directly to the hotel through this link (available until 19.2.2024.)

The room price for a single standard room is NOK 1.425 including breakfast (approx. EUR 125/night).

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Approx. EUR 125/night

Workshop objectives

The main objectives are to provide participants with an understanding of – and opportunity to discuss in-depth – implications of emerging industries and new jobs for job design and -characteristics, and consequently for worker well-being and health, particularly in the Nordic context.

Main topics

Topics will include (but are not limited to):

  • Characterizing “green jobs”
  • Psychosocial work characteristics of green jobs
  • Chemical/biological exposures
  • Safety psychology
  • Well-being (health, sickness absence, work ability) in environmental jobs
  • Work environment interventions, survey-feedback methodology
  • Future avenues

Target groups

  • Researchers at all levels (e.g. PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, senior researchers),
  • Occupational health professionals
  • Consultants
  • Employers and managers
  • HR

Subject background

Concerns about global climate change have been a major source of disruption to the world of work during recent years. Increased focus on environmental sustainability and a green economy has spurred growth in the recycling industry.

However, as this industry is still emerging and developing, concerns have been raised about working conditions for this part of the “green-collar workforce”. While green jobs are intended to support a more sustainable, green economy, the sustainability of the work environment seems to have been subject to limited systematic consideration in this industry so far. In Norway, for example, the prevalence of sick leave in the recycling industry has been above the average of other industrial occupations.

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Cancellation policy

Cancellations received by 12th of February 2024: full refund
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Contact persons

Course leader

Live Bakke Finne, Researcher, National Institute of Occupational Health (STAMI), Norway

In practical matters, please contact:

Morten Jakobsen
Project Manager & Sustainability Advisor

Course leader

Live Bakke Finne

  • Researcher, National Institute of Occupational Health (STAMI), NO

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